With Ron Newman


Considered by many to be a bowhunter's most challenging trophy, the Wild Turkey, is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing sports in the country. Always exciting, even maddening, attempting to harvest these great birds with bow and arrow takes the hunter to a new level.

From mastering the basic skills, to handling the rush of a truly UP CLOSE and personal duel; matching wits with one of the most wary and challenging critters out there makes this perhaps THE trophy of a lifetime. Accepting the limitations of using archery equipment simply increases the intensity and rewards of the hunt.

Where a shotgunner ends his hunt at 40 yards, the bowman is just beginning. That crucial last few yards, waiting for the bird to move into the exact position, drawing your bow undetected, and making a clean harvest of a noble quarry is what Bowhunting Wild Turkeys is all about. It's not about success or failure, but about the experiences and memories you will cherish.

If you've already had some success hunting these birds with gun or bow, or would just like to see what all the fuss is about and give it a try this year, follow along and maybe we can add to some of those memories together. I guarantee you, once you try it, your Spring mornings will never be the same.

Let's go Turkey Huntin'!!


About Ron Newman

Having successfully hunted Turkeys for almost 20 years, in both Spring and Fall, in many different states, Ron decided to bowhunt birds to increase the challenge. What he found was that is wasn't necessarily more difficult (consistent success on Wild Turkeys isn't easy no matter what choice of weapon), but it was much more rewarding - in a different way.

In Ron's words "It's no longer about getting "close enough", but how close you can you really get."

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