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Question Don, I am also a traditional bow hunter. I have enjoyed reading a number of your articals. I am planing an Alaska hunting trip for four bowhunters including myself. My plan is to fly to Anchorage and then fly out to a remote area on a brush plane for moose and black bear. I would first like to know what area would be good to hunt, and second do you have any recommendations on a brush pilot service? - Danny Williams 05/24/2005, ID=2559
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Question Not to long ago there was a story ciculating about two soldiers in Alaska who shot a giant grizzly with a bow. Then later another version came out that said they shot it with a rifle. The thread somewhere on the net showed a photo of a dead man with his leg chewed up. There was some controversy surrounding the entire episode. Can you direct me to source of the correct story? Thanks

- w57ursman 04/03/2005, ID=2527

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Question Whats the minimum KE for moose that you would suggest?

- w57ursman 04/03/2005, ID=2526

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Question I am a Spanish 17 year old traditional bowhunter, and in September I am going to try to get a Caribou in Yukon with my longbow. I would like to know if you could give me advice about how to hunt those amazing animals.As I know there are a lot of things to say, please at least tell me books or videos that could help me. Finally, how can I bring my bow in the horse? And what about the quiver(bow quiver)? Also I am afraid of the shooting distances in the tundra, which is the average shooting distance for the caribou? So many questions... Please help me that i need to be prepare.Thanks

- Pedro Ampuero 03/08/2005, ID=2513

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Question I was interested in planning my first adventure to Alaska. I was thinking of starting with a trip for Sitka Blacktail Deer. Would you start on Kodiak or some other island? And for a first trip would you Drop-camp or use a transporter and stay on a boat? What time of year?Thanks, Kurt

- kURT 12/30/2004, ID=2429

Kurt -- Good choice -- Sitka blacktails are unique animals (NOT just little mule deer!) and a hunt for them provides a good opportunity to explore great country and see a lot of game. While I have hunted them in Southeast and Prince William Sound, Kodiak offers the best chance to see a lot of bucks in my opinion, especially on the south side where the terrain is more open and conducive to glassing and stalking. Deer season runs August through December, but the bucks will lall be high early on and tall grass can make spotting them difficult. The first two weeks of November are usually peak rut, but any time from mid-October through early December can be good. Hunting from a boat offers a number of real advantages. You can move around, so you're not hunting the same country every day, and you can go to sleep at night without wrorrying about brown bears. The only drawback is higher cost, but in my opinion it's worth it. The last issue of Traditional Bowhunter (F/M) has a destination profile on Homer Ocean Charters, a very good outfit. You might want to look that article over. Have a great trip and don't forget to stay on your toes in brown bear country. Don

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