Whitetail Biology and Management

Question What all job openings are offerd to a person with a degree in Game Biology or Wildlife Management. I ask is because I grew up on a farm, and I have always like to hunt and fish. I have always want to learn more about the animals. I also love to just go out in the woods and sit with a camera or a camcorder, and try to figure out what the deer and other animals are doing at different times of the year. I know that it would be something I would like to do the rest of my life.

- chris morris 04/13/2005, ID=2536

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Question We have a small plot of land 26 acres in southern Illinois. About 12 acres is a field. We have planted buckwheat and the deer didn't hit it hard. Tried biologic and didn't get much better results. When we planted lydino clover the deer have been in it more than the other two combined. I was wondering if maybe planting winter wheat on a different plot and replanting the other field would be more efficent or planting them side by side. Whats your advice on this or would you do something different?

- Danton 02/10/2005, ID=2499

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Question What book can I purchase to find the most information on breeding, antlers, fawns, entering bedding areas and other information not normally published?

- matt Dinverno 01/26/2005, ID=2464

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Question Where do I find information on calling deer. I can't find an example of the proper calls at the correct times. Please advise

- Matt Dinverno 01/26/2005, ID=2463

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Question I have a large wooded acreage in northern WI that I have been managing for wildlife via patchwork clearcut logging, selective cutting, and clearing/stumping/tilling for food plots. the largest plot is actually an old homestead field that I planted in rye and three clovers in August of 2003 after multiple tillings and two shots of Roundup. The crop came up beautifully, the deer were all over it summer and fall, but the native grasses are creeping back in, and by late fall the clover seemed to be losing the battle. Any recomendations on a grass selective herbicide or a mowing/fertilizing program to help the clover crop winn the battle?

- Tony Biebl 01/20/2005, ID=2451

Tony, been there, done that. I find that my clover plot has a 3-year effective life cycle before I need to kill it off and re-plant. I have tried POST grass killer with good results, but only if the grass is just starting to show. Once the weeds and grass get a stronghold, the only thing that worked for me was to kill off the plot and start fresh.

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