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Question RkaL8p - maximo santos 07/01/2005, ID=2578

Question I rescently bought a switch back by mathews, what type stableizer do you think would be good for this bow?

- brad schneider 04/14/2005, ID=2541

Any stabilizer should work fine, it is just a matter of preference as to the style, length and weight..

Question i have a trophy ridge 3 pin matrix sight witch cost me about 45 dollars. when shooting the other day, the pin broke on the sight. what options do i have for a new sight?

- ian 04/14/2005, ID=2540

I would contact Trophy Ridge and ask them, perhaps they have a replacement, or it is a standard pin size that can be replaced easily. Good luck!

Question Are the new Quikspin vanes by NAP compatable with a whisker bisquit rest? I'm thinking about fletching my Beeman ICS Hunters with them but I'm not sure how the results will turn out. Any help would be great... thank you in advance, T casey

- t. casey 04/06/2005, ID=2528

My first thought is "no" however I have not tried them. You should contact NAP, or ask this question on the Bowsite equipment forum.

Question When buying a new bow its said to buy the one that feels best. What things do you look for to know what feels best? - Strider 01/27/2005, ID=2469
Balance, weight, a smooth draw and lack of handshock is what I look for. I'll also shoot a few to see how well it shoots for me, that will clinch it.

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