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Question March 25, 2011 at 1:44 amMeasuring your draw length by using the bow may be an acetepcd way of doing it but if you think about it logically, it can't be accurate. (awaiting flames after this statement).Your draw length should never change but using this method, it will always vary, depending on the type of bow you're using.If you mark the arrow at the point where the arrow meets the front edge of your bow, this distance will vary greatly between a deep riser to a thin piece of hickory.

- Topan 08/02/2012, ID=3133

That is very true Topan, that is why when measuring your drawlength correctly it should be measured 1 3/4 inches from the pivot point in the grip, now that is relative to the riser still but it provides a standard and it doesn't depend on the variations in riser or handle thickness.

Thanks for pointing that out.

Question Hi.I would like to know if a 40lb longbow(dropping from a 50lb) would be good for shooting competitive field archery,with wood arrows.Or is the 10lb drop negative?This assuming I handle both weights well.

- Geoffrey 11/06/2011, ID=3117

Dropping down to 40 pounds for competition would be a good idea. It would offer you more control in your shot. You may be more consistent and less fatigued at the end of the day of shooting with a 40 pound bow. Of course it depends on your strength and endurance. There are some fine archers competing with 50 pound bows. I prefer a lighter bow if I am shooting a lot of arrows in a competition.

You will notice that your fingers will come off the string differently than with 50 pounds and the lighter draw weights require a cleaner release.

Question I am a dedicated compound archer with good success, but have been looking for a new challenge. I mostly hunt Mule deer and elk out west. I am looking into Traditional Archery, and have decided to buy a Bear Grizzly recurve. Thats about the top of my price range. I shoot a 70 lb bow with a 27.5 draw length. How should I decide which traditional bow weight is right for me. Could you also explain any advantage/ disadvantage of recurve over long bow?

- Dave 10/15/2011, ID=3116

The usual rule of thumb I use for bow weight selection is a poundage I can comfortably hold for about 3-5 seconds at full draw. It may be a weight you will need to work up to but typically we get a bow that is too heavy. I'd almost rather see you get a lighter bow to start with and then move up in weight. For example start with a 45 pound bow and move up.

Recurves are more forgiving and more user friendly when delving into traditional archery. Your plan to start with a recurve is a good one.

Question I have a outdoor sports mfg. Co. bow it's aprox. 52 in. Long with a aprox. Draw weight of 15# at 30 in. It has a silver oval sticker on the upper limb that says outdoor sports mfg. Co. Forestville conn. With the number 3545 .I would like some more information on this bow if you could.

- Mike 09/11/2011, ID=3109

I'm not familiar with your bow manufacturer but if you post a picture and the information you sent me on the "leatherwall" I bet you will get some good information. It sounds like a neat little bow.

Question i bought a bear bow in yard sale and wondering how much it is and try to get some info on it...thx tanya

- tanya stafford 07/23/2011, ID=3103

Hi Tanya, tell me more about your bow. Finding a bow at a yard sale is a fun way to get into a new adventure. I just bought a bear takedown at the flea market.

Let me know the model and any specs that are listed on the bow. Posting on the leatherwall is also another way to decipher the bows information.

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