Archery/Bowhunting Basics

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Question I recently bought a compund bow over the internet (my first bow). The problem is it dose not have a nocking point on the string and i am not sure where to put one. i.e if it should be directly in the middle between the cams or what. where should nocking points be put. thank's

- Callum 04/16/2005, ID=2542

My best suggestion is to take the bow to a pro shop and have them correctly install a nock point for you. There are a number of factors, like are you shooting a release? Will the release have a loop or tie directly to the string? What type of rest is on the bow? Etc. This is a very easy installation, but it requires a device called a bow square and that needs to be centered with your rest. Good luck.

Question Do you think that a stabilizer helps when hunting and should I use the same grain of target point as broadhead?

- lakyn 02/07/2005, ID=2497

As for the stabilizer, it really helps some people and they are very popular. I can honestly say I prefer to not have one but that's my personal preference.

Yes, you should shoot the same grain broadhead and field point.

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